Almost Famous Beer

The Beer

We offer a selection of 16 beers on tap from popular breweries locally and beyond. Our curation of beers aims to introduce a wider selection of session-able craft beers as a gateway for regular beer drinkers to appreciate specialty beers and the unique characteristics of beers from small-batch breweries. Complemented by a smaller selection of premium craft beers with more robust flavours, from rich stouts, hoppy IPAs to seasonal limited edition brews.  

Our rotational taps include beers from some of these craft breweries:

  • Brewlander & Co. (Singapore)

  • Pasteur Street Brewing Company (Vietnam)

  • Young Master Brewery 少爺啤酒廠 (Hong Kong)

  • Pirate Life Brewing (Australia)

  • Stone & Wood Brewing Co. (Australia)

  • Heretic Brewing Company (USA)

  • BrewDog (Scotland)

  • Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)

The Food

Focused on the use of simple and familiar ingredients like fried chicken, fries, gyozas and even the kailan vegetables which is a staple in many Asian cuisines. Our bar bites are designed to display minimal fanfare but served with a touch of brilliance brought about delicately by our house-made specialty sauces made in small batches using only fresh ingredients daily.

Each of these dishes also marries a playful balance between sweet and savoury flavours, guaranteed for umami perfection that pairs perfectly with any of our 16 beers on tap.

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